A (small) group of Londoners trying to create a friendly co-housing community in SE23

Featherstone Lodge front elevation


There are 22 of us making up 10 households. Most of us have lived in some sort of shared housing set-up, or now wish to.

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In a nutshell we all value and care for our neighbours, community and environment.

We are exploring ways in which we can add social value to the neighbourhood by allowing the local community to also benefit from the space.

We aim to open our doors to the local school and residents, giving them access and opportunities to experience and learn from our 'common room', garden and small woodlands.

By doing things together we can achieve more creatively, give a lift to some mundane bits of life and have bigger, better celebrations.

Cohousing makes it easier to enjoy all these aspects of life, whilst keeping privacy available whenever we want it.

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At the very top of Forest Hill, London, SE23.


We are in negotiations to buy Featherstone Lodge - a large Victorian house set on a ridge with a big sloping garden.?

We meet twice a month to keep the project on track.

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